Decloedt provides
quality machining.

‘Werkhuizen Decloedt’, located in Bredene (Belgium), makes one-off piecework and small production runs of components for installations and machines used in shipping, industry and agriculture.

We are experienced specialists in machining and our close contact with the customers ensures a perfect fit of the components in the respective project. 

We bring together the best of conventional machining lathes and CNC machines. Our CNC machines can work with a variety of tools – up to forty different tools – and they are fitted with automatic tool changers.

The benefits of conventional machining lathes is that they can be run on one-off piecework without interrupting the CNC batch, making them a highly flexible and rapid addition for these piecework tasks.

Our strengths

Our advice extends to the customer’s workshop

Machining of piecework and small production runs

Structures in ferrous and non-ferrous materials


A selection of
our services

Lathe work

We use both conventional (manual) lathes and CNC-controlled lathes with a lathe chuck. Coils, axles…

Milling work

Werkhuizen Decloedt mills straight parts, castings, sheets and pipes on many different …


Werkhuizen Decloedt has a modern CNC boring lathe for longitudinal and surface boring. This advanced machine…

Welding structures

Frames and structures for machines, platforms, machine components, drilling jigs, pipe constructions and other profile constructions…


Depending on the client’s preferences, we bring in our drafters and engineers to design innovative products and to…

Service and stocks

In order to deliver components on time, Decloedt has its own transport service.

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Machining of lengths up to
Number of machines
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Are you turning with us?

If you have any questions, want us to work on a project or need a quote or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Werkhuizen Decloedt is known for supplying high-quality components to a wide range of industries. Our staff and equipment are focused on responding flexibly to our customers’ needs.

    We would like to expand our team. If you want to learn and grow in this field, please get in touch.