Werkhuizen Decloedt mills straight parts, castings, sheets and pipes on many different CNC milling machines and machine centres.

We offer rough milling, keyway milling, saw milling, milling with hard metal inserts, thread milling and much more.

Our thread milling machines enable us to create a metric thread greater than M200.

Our tower milling machine has a table measuring 1,400 mm by 1,600 mm and is fitted with a guided tool changer. It is easy to program and use the machine thanks to CNC made by internationally renowned firm Heidenhain.

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    Max. diameter of the workpiece:
    1.200 mm

    Max. length of the work piece:
    3.000 mm

    Max. weight of the work piece:
    3.000 kg

    (depending on the dimensions of the workpiece –other options can be handled on request)

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