Decloedt, a family firm

2022: Takeover by Gardec

Gardec, a leader in ship repair and offshore structures based in Zeebrugge, signed the takeover in May 2022. Werkhuizen Decloedt perfectly complements the Gardec Group which also comprises Brusselle Carral Marine, a manufacturer of winches and steering gear. Jan and his brother Marc Van de Velde are now at the helm with the same passion as in the firm’s early years.

2005: Relocation of workshop

In 1998, we were told that the land in Oosteroever would be re-zoned. It meant that we had to relocate the workshop. In 2005, we moved the company to a new site on the industrial estate in Bredene.

1981: Computer-controlled machines

After the arrival of Luc, ‘Decloedt’ soon jumped on the bandwagon of computer controlled and modern machines. In doing this, he also gave the impetus for the modern company that Werkhuizen Decloedt has become today. In the following years, brothers Marc and Jan Van de Velde and also the sons of Lucienne Decloedt, joined the firm.

1948: Foundation of Werkhuizen C. Decloedt bvba

Werkhuizen C. Decloedt bvba was founded after World War II. Its activities focused on the maintenance and repair of engines and installations, for fishing vessels in particular. Camiel’s son Roland joined the firm. After a drop in the number of fishing vessels, the firm switched to the production of components, also for industry and agriculture. Camiel Decloedt died in 1952 and the business was continued by Roland. In 1960, Roland died at the age of 35. The firm was then run for 20 years by a managing director.

1942: The first two years of the war

There was no activity whatsoever during the first two years of the war. However, the workshop began to produce parts again from 1942.

1933: Founded by Camiel Decloedt

After work, Camiel Decloedt used to do lathe work at home, which is where the workshop began. Alongside this, he continued to work at Valcke, a well-known ship repair company. Werkhuizen Decloedt started out as machining firm for ship parts. Over time, the firm was forced to relocate, work increased, and the firm moved to Oosteroever.

Mission/ vision

We make sure everything turns out well!


Our client focus, pro-active response to our client’s requirements and high standards of service and quality are a solid foundation for the continuity of our business.

We make everything according to plans or the client’s designs, ranging from one-off piecework or prototypes to small production runs.

One-off piecework means that our employees get to do more varied work on parts from start to finish. It enables them to gain experience with different types of steel and tools.

For us, job satisfaction is everything.

In line with the role that Gardec, our parent company, and Brusselle, our sister company, wish to fulfil, Werkhuizen Decloedt also does everything to offer a first-class service to its clients, with pride in the products and services it provides.

We deliver fine machining at a good price.


Werkhuizen Decloedt always wants to serve its clients as a dependable supplier of machining, milling and welding. Our aim is to continue to grow into a tried and tested extension of every production line.

Our flexibility and dedicated attitude enable us to make a difference for our clients and we are recommended as a partner for the production of components in new machines.


Quality always comes first

Quality and certifications

We adhere to strict quality standards throughout the processing and machining work. We can supply complete sub-products with a measurement certificate at the client’s request.

On request, we will supply the product with a 3.1 certificate for the material used and we can obtain a 3.2 certificate for the materials if required for the application.

Your solution for one-off piecework and small production runs.

Gardec Group

A trendsetter in ship repair

About Gardec

Gardec started originally as a diesel service company and has since grown into the largest shipyard on the Belgian coast. Our large team of experienced employees offers a full range of services in the fields of ship repair, ship maintenance and the manufacture and installation of offshore and onshore maritime structures.

Gardec is the benchmark for everything to do with welding, mechanical maintenance, refitting and renovating ships, dry docking of ships, machining, crane hire, stainless steel and aluminium structures and much more…

Werkhuizen Decloedt, featuring Gardec

Gardec has gradually expanded into the largest shipyard on the Belgian coast. The company owes this to its extensive range of services, including ship repair and maintenance, and production and installation of offshore and onshore maritime structures. Werkhuizen Decloedt adds the production of components for new machines.

The takeover means that Gardec has expanded its range, capacity and expertise.

Brusselle winches & steering gear

Brusselle became part of the Gardec Group in 2014. The company has been a trusted partner since 1929 for shipyards, shipowners and port authorities across the world that need robust, medium-sized to large winches and hydraulic steering gear. The activities of Brusselle Carral Marine NV (BCM NV) also include new, custom-made machines and overhauls and servicing work.

Brusselle has relied for many years on the expertise and experience of Werkhuizen Decloedt for lathe work on many machine components.
Brusselle works with an experienced team of engineers and mechanics, assisted by young talent, which aims to honour the ‘Brusselle’ name every day in its designs, production and services.