We use both conventional (manual) lathes and CNC-controlled lathes with a lathe chuck. Coils, axles, sheet metal, castings and pipes can be machined with a precision of up to 0.01 mm.

The movement of the cutting tool is controlled by CNC which enables us to easily achieve complex shapes.

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    Max. diameter of the workpiece:
    1.100 mm

    (conventionally: 800 mm)

    Max. length of the workpiece:
    4.000 mm

    (conventionally: 3.000 mm)

    Max. length of the workpiece:
    8.000 mm

    (these components are processed on the lathe at Gardec in Zeebrugge)

    Max. weight of the workpiece:
    4.000 kg

    (conventionally: 2.000 kg)

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