Conventional – CNC lathe operator / milling machine operator

What profiles are we looking for?

  • Are you a conventional lathe operator, a milling machine operator, or a CNC lathe operator? Great! We need YOU!
  • Have you just finished your mechanics course or do you have many years of experience? Either is fine, as you learn the most on the job.
  • We have 25 machines more or less. You will not have a fixed workplace, but you will get to know almost all of the machines. You will start on a standard lathe so you can progress to a teach-in lathe.
  • As a lathe operator at Werkhuizen Decloedt, you will produce the most precisely finished product to the highest quality.

What’s the job like?

  • It’s incredibly varied. Sometimes you will be making small production runs of parts, sometimes you will be making one-off piecework that is specific to the client.
  • These can range from large coils, huge parts with large diameters, to wear sleeves for pumps or parts for combine harvesters.
  • You will start with smaller workpieces and build up to larger ones.
  • In order to work efficiently, you can read and understand plans.

Who will you be working with?

  • You will join a team of 2 lathe operators and you’ll get on-the-job training from people who are really in the know.
  • We have a family atmosphere and you can walk into the office or workplace without formalities.
  • 2 weeks leave that you choose, 2 weeks of collective leave (1 week around 21/07 and 1 week between Christmas and New Year).
  • Full-time and permanent contract and we do not work weekends
  • Salary according to your knowledge and skill
  • Collective wage agreement under Joint Committee 111 (metalworking)

Werkhuizen Decloedt is a family-run SME with a small, closely-knit team of lathe operators, milling machine operators and welders. Our low staff turnover and the family nature of our business means that everyone knows everyone.

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